About me



Born in Genoa, Italy, I started to show interest in music taking piano lessons at a young age. However, during my teenage, I chose to focus on the low-end spectrum of instruments thanks to a very deep interest in the electric bass guitar, studying with local teachers and getting involved with a number of varied musical projects and ensembles. With a rather eclectic and open-minded attitude, I also attended the two-year institute IAT-Gong on traditional extra-European Music and Dance arts, based in my home-town.


Still playing the bass guitar in different projects, I became interested in the acoustic upright bass at the age of 22. I attended the Nuoro Jazz Summer seminars held in Sardinia by world-famous jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu and entered Genoa's Conservatoire of Music “Niccolò Paganini” in 2005. I graduated with a Diploma in 2011 and attended a seminar at the Gubbio Summer Festival with Mirela Vedeva and Franco Petracchi. I successfully auditioned for a MMus studying position at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and for a post-graduate double bass course in the Fiesole Academy, near Florence, where I studied with Alberto Bocini and played as a supporter for the Fiesole-based OGI young-orchestral ensemble. I moved to London in 2012 to start his Mmus course at Trinity with the kind support of a Leverhulme Trust and TCL scholarship.


I am currently based in London and playing for projects, including the London-based ensemble Kype.